GBH Cloud Video Collaboration

GBH is proud to offer two world class, enterprise grade, cloud collaboration solution options to perfectly fit your businesses needs. Scalable, interoperable and secure. 

Cloud Collaboration

Businesses today have many options for implementing video collaboration. If your plan is to skip the big infrastructure investments and dive into the cloud, we can help.

We offer virtual video solutions for meeting rooms, endpoints, infrastructure, scheduling and streaming, all backed by the best in the business. Plus, our Cloud Control products and services can help you get the most out of your cloud collaboration tools.  

Contact us to learn more about your options for on-prem vs. cloud, and how Cloud Control can help you get the most from your investments. 

Lifesize Cloud allows businesses to quickly and easily connect conference room video systems with remote participants, regardless of location or device.

Click to call and dial by name functionality means video conferencing has never been easier.

MiCloudAccess is an easy to use and easy to deploy, cloud video conferencing solution designed for business use, bringing people together anytime and on virtually any device.
This innovative solution enables an enterprise with limited or no video conferencing infrastructure to purchase enterprise quality video connectivity on a subscription basis.

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