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GBH Cloud

Cloud Cloud is the next generation of cloud based enterprise management solutions delivered in a single platform for flawless unified communications experience for Skype for Business, video collaboration, streaming and critical enterprise applications.

GBH Cloud delivers fast, accurate, and consolidated alerts to stake holders providing risk mitigation, enhanced quality of experience, ease of use, a competitive advantage, and operational efficiency. As an enterprise cloud-based platform, GBH Cloud offers the tools and analytics needed to communicate, manage and orchestrate a global unified collaboration experience.


GBH Cloud Connect

The Most SECURE Conference Call and Online Meeting Solution

GBH Cloud Connect is an easy to use and easy to deploy, cloud video conferencing and collaboration solution designed for business use, bringing people together anytime and on virtually any device.

Experience Better Collaboration: Employees connect anytime, anywhere on any device.

Enhance Internal and External Communication: Communicate face-to-face with vendors and partners across the globe.

Increase Cost Savings On Travel: Decrease the amount of travel through virtual collaboration.

Recruit, Train and Retain Top Talent: Host video screening interviews, record training sessions, and keep employees engaged through enhanced communication.

Improve Employee Work/Life Balance: Give employees the opportunity to work from home and stay connected to work.

Increase Speed to Market: Our Manufacturing Video Inspection carts connect global manufactures to assembly lines for faster product approval cycles.





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GBH Cloud Monitor

Ensure voice and video quality of experience

GBH Cloud Monitor is a vendor agnostic, cloud platform to proactively monitor the performance of enterprise wide video appliances and Quality of Service (QoS).

Network up-time is critical to your business, but so is network quality. Without visibility and control over your video network quality you may be causing headaches for your stakeholders. GBH Cloud Monitor is a robust network monitoring and analytics tool that provides you with 24/7 visibility and control so that you get the best performance all the time. GBH Cloud Monitor offers automated workflows, intelligent alerting, and configurable network specifications so that you can proactively shape the traffic on your network which eliminates dropped calls, jitter and video conferencing challenges.

Robust Reporting

Robust reporting and analytics provide insights into SLAs, assets, issue isolation, availability, call quality to improve ROI and user experience


Real-time monitoring and alerts makes it easier to identify and troubleshoot issues

Enterprise-wide Monitoring

Vendor agnostic, cloud platform that proactively monitors the performance of enterprise wide video appliances and Quality of Service (QoS)

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GBH Cloud Shape

Orchestrating Network Performance with traffic shaping

GBH Cloud Shape automatically maximizes application performance over the WAN by uniquely integrating the capabilities that IT needs to holistically orchestrate business application performance for every user, regardless of the IT complexity (number of applications, number of sites, telecom providers, number of users, etc.): Application Visibility & Control, dynamic Hybrid WAN, WAN security and WAN optimization.

GBH Cloud Shape is objective-based, which enables CIOs to set application performance objectives in line with the enterprise business priorities and objectives. It combines in-depth flow visibility together with sophisticated control algorithms down to the flow level to enforce SLA compliance.


Application Control

Dynamically adjust network behavior and resources to address application traffic demand, guaranteeing critical application performance in complex and changing traffic situations

Application Visibility

Gain complete visibility and understanding of application usage and performance across the global network

Dynamic WAN Selection

Select, in real-time, the best path according to actual performance and application traffic characteristics for Hybrid Networks

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Complete a 30-day trial of GBH Cloud Shape and get a free Plantronics BackBeat Pro headset. Learn more and start your trial today.

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