GBH Connect - Simple, scalable video meetings

Video meetings should be easy. Each license provides a virtual meeting room hosted in the cloud. One room enables simple video meetings in just a few clicks for up to 50 video or audio participants. Professional video meetings, whenever you need.
No technical or hardware implementation is needed, so it's easy to get started. Deploy and scale the service in however it suits your business.
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Host and join video meetings in seconds

Room hosts can invite guests to start and join a video meeting with nothing more than a couple of clicks. Smile, you're about to be on camera.

Unlimited video. Unrivaled performance

Experience a global network designed and built just for video and experience unlimited HD quality video for smooth, productive meetings. Professional video performance for any business.

Fully compatible with Skype for Business

Each participant can access your meeting room via a Skype for Business account, offering full video and audio functionality, including 2-way screen sharing.

Complete a 30-day trial of the most secure online meeting solution and get a free Plantronics Voyager Focus headset when you host 10 or more meetings during your trial.

Connect any device. Invite everybody

Guests can access your room at any time, using any device. Each participant can dial-in using a traditional purpose-built videoconferencing unit, or select their preferred device: smartphone, tablet, or computer, via their web browser, or by using the dedicated My Meeting Video app.

Often referred to as "interoperability", this means you can easily connect different video platforms and technology, plus telephone audioconferencing, all at the same time and in the same meeting. Video meetings that don't need their own IT support team to get everyone around the same table.

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Live screen-share

Easily share or view presentations, application windows, and web pages with the rest of the meeting room for true real-time collaboration. Review, edit, blog, or design. With anybody.  Supported for both hosts and guests across all platforms and devices. There’s that helpful interoperability again.

Simplified scheduling

The Outlook integration makes planning scheduled meetings quick and painless. You can even schedule meetings on the go, straight from your smartphone or tablet, as well as automatically join scheduled meetings in a single click.

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Any-to-any video dialing

By using the personal video address provided with a Personal room license and the My Meeting Video app, you're able to place and receive ad hoc video calls from any video address using standards-based videoconferencing (SIP/H.323), on any network. Easily call video contacts, inside or outside your company, for simple video calls on any device.

Centralized management & reporting

Easily keep an overview of your service.  From the administrator dashboard, company admins can: monitor call history and user statistics in the company, add / remove users with easy drag-and-drop functionality, and reset passwords and PIN codes.

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Unlimited multi video dial-in

There are no restrictions on how each user joins a meeting room. So that's one host plus 49 guest feeds, all simultaneously accessing the meeting in the way that’s most convenient for them: with a browser, through the supported apps, or via purpose-built SIP/H3.23 videoconferencing units. And it's always unlimited dial-in no matter the video platform users choose.

Unlimited audio-only dial-in

Each room allows unlimited audio-only dial-in for guests via traditional telephony (available from 55 countries) or VoIP/data telephone networks, so nobody has to miss out when video is not convenient. Using Audio + presentation only mode, guests can join a meeting as an audio participant but still view shared content.