GBH Control

Orchestrate Network Performance with GBH Control

Traffic shaping solution enables customer-aware orchestration of optimal network performance across the entire life cycle and across all domains of the network

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GBH Control automatically maximizes application performance over the WAN by uniquely integrating the capabilities that IT needs to holistically orchestrate business application performance for every user, regardless of the IT complexity (number of applications, number of sites, telecom providers, number of users, etc.): Application Visibility & Control, dynamic Hybrid WAN, WAN security and WAN optimization.

GBH Control enables CIOs to set application performance objectives in line with the enterprise business priorities and goals. It combines in-depth flow visibility together with sophisticated control algorithms down to the flow level to enforce SLA compliance.


GBH Control maximizes bandwidth usage by automatically directing every single flow to the link that best matches flow business-criticality with real-time conditions of all available WAN links (MPLS, Internet, wireless, etc.), regardless of the application hosting model: private datacenter, hosted datacenter, private cloud, or SaaS.

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Application Visibility

Gain complete visibility and understanding of application usage and performance across the global network

Application Control

Dynamically adjust network behavior and resources to address application traffic demand, guaranteeing critical application performance in complex and changing traffic situations

Dynamic WAN Selection

Select, in real-time, the best path according to actual performance and application traffic characteristics for Hybrid Networks

Actionable performance insights across the entire application delivery chain accelerate problem resolution, before users are impacted

Achieving optimal user experience is a key facet of successful business performance. Enterprises need all employees to benefit from the best quality of experience (QoE) on all business-critical applications in order to succeed.

Some of those applications include SAP, Oracle or MS Dynamics for daily ERPs operations, as well as VoIP or Skype for Business for communication and employee collaboration, from external providers and customers. Other critical applications include office tools and web applications to share and print corporate documents that are stored in the cloud. Therefore, understanding the performance of both network devices on the service chain – such as routers, switches and firewalls – and application elements – including software codes, servers and data centers – is key to delivering high QoE.