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Introducing GBH Cloud Control

 Cloud Based Endpoint Monitoring and Traffic Shaping 

For an unparalleled video experience

Take Control of Your Video Network with GBH Cloud Control

GBH Cloud Control is our newest offering which focuses on making your video and network infrastructure smarter by designing them to be dynamically adaptive to the needs of your organization. No other systems integrator is committed to delivering a seamless collaboration experience.

GBH Cloud Control was designed to provide robust data and analytics giving you visibility into the quality and functionality of your network QoS and video endpoints. It all starts with the execution of local probes that collect application data from video codecs, infrastructure and components. These probes continuously collect data from the endpoints and transmit the results back to Cloud Control Central, where the data is analyzed in real time and generates alerts when thresholds are breached.


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Put An End to Your Video Networking Headaches

In our experience, over 60% of reported issues impacting the quality of video conferencing are attributed network related issues. 

Negative network Quality of Service "QoS" is visible in various forms including the ability for a call to stay connected, content not crisp or legible, lip-sync issues, pixilation and many other negative results that impact user experience. 

We monitor detailed site-to-site QoS parameters to alert when a video LAN/WAN quality breach is detected. The critical monitored parameters include Jitter, Packet Loss, Latency, and Packet Out of Sequence. 

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