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Manufacturers that manage their corporate entities efficiently are able to leverage global resources including product and service suppliers. GBH knows that to be profitable, manufacturers can leverage video conferencing to help improve their everyday business. By implementing collaboration tools, communications between plants, executives and clients will be improved. Quality assurance issues can be fixed in minutes instead of weeks and
in-line efficiencies can be corrected in real time. By decreasing the time to manufacture, decreased costs will be an immediate realization.
GBH specializes in providing our global manufacturing clients customized collaboration solutions including:
• Video Conferencing Systems
• Desktop TelePresence
• Wireless Mobility Solutions
• Network Infrastructure
• Immersive TelePresence
• Managed Services


GBH provides rich, interactive visual solutions that improve all facets of education—from student administration to course development to curriculum delivery to content management.We can tailor video solutions and help your organization deliver content make rich blended learning.  

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Government departments and agencies around the world grapple with budget pressures caused by tax revenue shortfalls, an environment of spiraling costs, and increasing demands from citizens. They have to do more with less, and improve their service, responsiveness, efficiency, productivity and collaboration.

A collaborative approach promotes greater interaction and engagement between governments and their stakeholders. This gives citizens on-demand access to better quality matter where those citizens are located.

GBH Communications supports multiple state, local, and federal agencies in building flexible collaboration systems.  

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Healthcare facilities need to reduce medical errors and improve staff efficiency. The entire medical team, including nurses, doctors and administrators need to find ways to be more productive while ensuring patient needs are met. GBH provides a suite of healthcare focused solutions created to help increase staff  efficiency, improve patient care and increase patient satisfaction through reduced response times.

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