Healthcare Solutions

We understand the unique regulatory, budgetary, and competitive environment of modern healthcare, whether you are in a clinic, hospital, or classroom.
GBH specializes in customizing Audio & Video Conferencing, Wireless Handsets, Infrastructure and Managed Services to increase productivity, improve communication and enhance patient experience.
GBH provides a suite of healthcare-focused solutions created to help increase staff efficiency, improve patient care and increase patient satisfaction through reduced response times.
  • Telemedicine Solutions
  • TelePresence Rooms
  • Video Conferencing Equipment
  • Wireless Mobility
  • Desktop TelePresence
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Managed Services
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Improving Bottom Line Productivity

From increasing patient reach through telemedicine to improving nurse productivity by leveraging wireless mobility, GBH has helped numerous healthcare facilities improve their bottom line. With over 500 collaborative deployments to healthcare facilities in the past five years, GBH has the experience and the expertise to help your organization deploy and maintain the right solution for you.

Trusted by Healthcare Institutions Nationwide

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