Jabra Headsets

Jabra’s headset range has repeatedly been recognized as the gold standard in innovation and design. We have received numerous product and design awards, including the CES Innovation, the If product design award, a Red Dot Mobile Choice Best Accessory, the T3 Gold Award and CNET Editor’s Choice.

GBH carries the complete line headsets from Jabra including:

  • Unified Communications Solutions
  • Call Center Headsets
  • Multi-Use Headsets
  • Mobile & PC/VoIP Solutions
  • IP Compatible Phones & Conference Phones

What Our Customers Are Saying...

“I love being able to work on the computer while handling a phone call. I run a busy escrow desk and [can’t believe] I ever worked without [my headset]!”

Diane Allen, Senior Escrow Officer/Manager, RE/MAX Gold Coast Escrow

“My headset allows me to multitask while I am on a conference call or while helping a customer with an issue over the phone. My wireless headset allows me the freedom to walk to other areas of my work place and still not miss an incoming call. Ergonomically speaking, my headset has saved my neck and back from the aches and pains of long phone calls while allowing the use of both hands to continue to work at a higher efficiency.”

Jeff Uribe, IT Systems Analyst, Xcel Energy Inc.

“I can work on my computer while on a phone call and it doesn’t hurt my neck.”

Financial Analyst, Medium Enterprise Energy & Utilities Company

Wireless & Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth Headsets provide the ultimate flexibility, convenience, and connectivity for on-the-go, mobile professionals. Bluetooth are known for its A2DP (Streaming Audio) through any multi-media platform and multipoint technology that will enable you to pair and connect your headset to two different Bluetooth audio devices at once. Browse through some of Jabra's best Bluetooth Headsets.

Wired Headsets

We don't provide "just another" wired headset. Here at GBH, we deliver one-of-a-kind wired headsets that are extremely lightweight and user friendly. Ensure you’re always available with reliable connection. Don’t hassle trying to recharge or coupling to another device. With a variety of models and features, like quick disconnect, plug-and-play with leading desktop phones. Step into a whole new world of wired headsets. 


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