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GBH has been empowering manufacturers for almost 30 years. We know that to be profitable, manufacturers (both domestic and international) need to leverage collaboration to help improve their everyday business. From repairing assembly line breakages in minutes with a mobile video station to comparing prototypes on the fly by connecting over tablets. Manufacturing solutions from GBH help to remove distance as an obstacle in doing business.

GBH is a true partner in the manufacturing process. Our core product offering including Audio & Video Collaboration products and services will drive key business practices including:

  • Operational efficiency
  • Communication within and between plants
  • Executive team meetings
  • Quality assurance
  • Creation, Design and Development
  • Customer & Partner Development
  • Supply Chain Management

Featured Product:

GBH VidSpection Mobile Video Station

GBH VidSpection Station mobile video station - Manufacturing Solutions from GBH
GBH VidSpection Mobile Video Cart
GBH - your partner in collaboration

A History of Partnerships

Over the last 25 years, GBH has worked with hundreds of domestic and international manufacturers looking to improve their profitability. By implementing customized audio and video conferencing solutions designed for use in manufacturing spaces, our manufacturing clients have realized an average of 5% decrease in manufacturing time and 8% increase in the bottom line.

Trusted By Manufacturing Institutions Nationwide:

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GBH has helped Nestle with audio and video collaboration
GBH has helped Toyota with audio and video collaboration

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