Plantronics MDA 220 USB


Flexible Communications Hub

A Perfect Match For: Business professionals who want to manage PC voice and multi-media, while maintaining connectivity to the desk phone


  • Manage PC and desk phone calls with a single wireless or corded USB headset
  • Use with Plantronics Electronic Hookswitch (EHS) cable or HL10 handset lifter to enable remote desk phone call control
  • Compatibility: All major desk phones and softphones. Also works with Plantronics corded, wireless, and Bluetooth USB headsets, including Blackwire, Savi, and Voyager Series

Why You’ll Love This: Move forward to UC without leaving your desk phones behind, the new MDA220 USB gives voice to enterprise, empowering teams with the freedom to manage calls on desk phones, softphones, and even mobile phones. Plus, its adaptable design ensures that it’s compatible with the next generation of headsets, desk phones, and softphones.



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