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Sennheiser is shaping the Future of Audio - a vision built on a 70-year history of innovation and a continued drive for excellence that is woven into Sennheiser's DNA and culture. Around the world, Sennheiser employees share this passion in the pursuit of the perfect sound, creating products that exceed expectations and set new benchmarks in audio.

Whenever people have to rely on technology to communicate, its quality becomes a crucial factor for success. Reliability, speech intelligibility, and ease of use are key at Sennheiser. Whether for a small meeting of the inner circle or a presentation before a large audience: Sennheiser offers user-friendly, highly developed system solutions in this field for just about every application.

Featured Products

Bluetooth Series

MB 660 Series

Sennheiser MB 660 is the industry’s first professional adaptive ANC headset. By constantly monitoring your background environment for noise, Sennheiser’s NoiseGard™ adaptive ANC technology seamlessly adjusts the level of noise reduction in your headset. Click here to learn more.


SP 20

Sennheiser SP 20 ML is a portable speakerphone designed for business professionals using Skype for Business on PC for both personal and small group conferences. Click here to learn more.

Wired Headsets

Culture Series

If you work in a busy office, you’ll appreciate the voice clarity in the Culture™ Series headsets. With a noise-cancelling microphone and wideband sound, every word comes through crisp and clear for you and the other party. It’s as if you’re having a face-to-face conversation. Click here learn more. 

DECT Series

D10 Series

The streamlined design of the new series of Sennheiser D 10 wireless DECT headsets makes no compromises when it comes to exceptional sound. Its single connectivity to either a desk phone or softphone/PC makes it plug and play simple to roll out and manage - the perfect headset solution for all sizes of companies. Click here to learn more.

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