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We take the guesswork out of the challenges you face in a complex collaboration ecosystem.

Vendor agnostic, cloud platform to proactively monitor the performance of enterprise wide video appliances and Quality of Service (QoS)


Anyone that has participated in video conferences has most likely  experienced a malfunction. Poor performance or outages are usually due to network bandwidth irregularities, conferencing service provider issues, unplugged devices, or lack of equipment maintenance, resulting in IT fire drills and user frustration.

Without visibility into all components of the system, it’s virtually impossible to pinpoint the cause. Realistically, resolution could take IT a day or more. GBH visibility is the only managed, cloud-based visibility tool on the market. It’s hosted at the GBH Network Operations Center, enabling you to ensure quality of experience 24 hours a day.

From a single pane of glass, events are color-coded by priority, by category, enabling non-engineers to diagnose and remediate affected components of the system. Visibility also provides historical records and benchmarks so you can compare performance over various time periods. And, a lack of system intrusion eliminates security issues for IT.

As a global service provider, GBH is uniquely qualified to deliver this first-of-its-kind solution for UCC visibility. GBH’s end-to-end expertise spans all aspects of the unified communication ecosystem, from the hardware components and integrated system design and management to video interoperability, monitoring and analytics. GBH Visibility is the latest addition to its holistic suite of cloud-based UC solutions as a service, all proven to ensure the highest quality user experience.

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Ensure voice and video quality of experience

SINGLE PANE OF GLASS: View the health of all your entire video estate in one single place.

VENDOR AGNOSTIC VISIBILITY: Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize, Zoom, and many others

PROACTIVE MONITORING: Managed cloud platform, proactively monitors all video devices and the performance of site-to-site Quality of Service (QoS)

REAL TIME NOTIFICATIONS: Alerts when a device is disconnected or not responding, via email or SMS.

REPORTING: Robust reporting and analytics provide insights into SLAs, assets, issue isolation, availability, call quality to improve ROI and user experience

Aside from confirming video system performance, GBH Visibility is vendor agnostic and diagnoses issues with TVs, projectors or any other device on the network. Automated real-time text messages enable unfathomable time to resolution and eliminates costly IT and engineer guesswork trying to locate the problem.


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Robust Reporting

Robust reporting and analytics provide insights into SLAs, assets, issue isolation, availability, call quality to improve ROI and user experience


Real-time monitoring and alerts makes it easier to identify and troubleshoot issues

Enterprise-wide Monitoring

Vendor agnostic, cloud platform that proactively monitors the performance of enterprise wide audio and video appliances and Quality of Service (QoS)