VXi UC ProSet 21P

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UC-ready when you are

A Perfect Match For: Office workers who use Unified Communication systems.


  • Binaural, Wideband Wear
  • Adjustable Headband
  • Flexible, Snap-lock Microphone Boom
  • Advanced Noise-canceling Microphone
  • Braided, Fabric-feel Cord
  • Compatible with VXi, Plantronics Amplifiers and Direct Cable Cords

Why You’ll Love This: UC ProSet 21P is unlike any other wired headset you will experience from VXi. UC ProSet 21P features the true luxury of audio quality with its natural-sounding Wideband Audio, Flexible Microphone Boom, and Noise-canceling Technology.

It’s a stylish and durable wear because of its braided, fabric-feel cord and adjustable headband, so you can achieve a perfect fit. It's compatible with VXi, Plantronics Amplifiers and Direct-connect Cords, and Unified Communication systems so you can maximize your UC-strategy.


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