VXi V150

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Handle the call from anywhere in the office

A Perfect Match For: Professional workers in an office environment.


  • One-touch headset controls
  • Advanced noise-canceling microphone
  • Optional Electronics Hook Switch
  • 3-way convertible wear
  • 300 feet of wireless freedom

Why You’ll Love This:  V150 is a wireless headset with 3-way, convertible wearing styles. Experience an increase in work flexibility with its 300 ft of wireless freedom. Use the one-touch headset control button to take control of your calls, anywhere around the office. You have an option of using an Electronic Hook Switch, which will help you answer and end your calls remotely.

Enjoy up to 10 hours of talk time and V150’s advanced noise-canceling microphone. Block out any background noise that might be distracting you while on call.

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