"Don't Give Your Coworkers The Finger"

According to a University of Sydney study, "Distraction by noise and loss of privacy were identified as the major causes of workspace dissatisfaction in open-plan office layouts."*

Open-plan offices mean noise distractions come from all directions. Noisy neighbors, air conditioning, and copiers can all lead to lost productivity.

Introducing Jabra products that provide noise reduction and promote workplace etiquette for a positive communications environment.

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Order any 5 Jabra PRO 9400 Series headsets and get 5 FREE Busylights

Stop giving your coworkers the finger.

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Learn More - Jabra PRO 9400 Series & Busylight

The PRO 9400 Series

A powerful wireless headset series built to equip the modern worker for their daily challenges.  Noisy offices increase stress in the workplace and decrease productivity. With the Pro 9400 series your ears matter, utilizing best-in-class noise cancellation and acoustic protection for your hearing and a noise cancelling microphone to pass along your best sound without the distractions.skype-for-business-logo

Features include:

  • Highest degree of noise cancellation in a wireless headset
  • One headset for all phones
  • Up to triple connectivity
  • Jabra Skype for Business certified

Learn more about the Jabra Pro 9400 Series.

The Busylight

The Jabra Busylight is a polite, effective way to let people know you are on the phone. A long cord allows you to place the light where it easily can be seen. The indicator turns red when you are on a call and switches off when you end your call.

Learn more about the Jabra Busylight.

Download the Pro 9400 Datasheet
Download the Pro 9400 Technical Specifications
Download the Jabra Busylight Datasheet

New Product Announcement

Get the most from your Jabra investment with the new Noise Guide

 A portable device that monitors noise levels and makes people aware of the impact noise has on their work.


Product ID: GN-14207-36

MSRP: $665.00

A newly released technology that signals people in open plan offices if the noise level is too high, so they can regulate their behavior to support the overall group productivity. As decibels rise the Jabra Noise Guide displays instant visual feedback when noise levels exceed a specific limit. Using the Jabra SoundEar®3 software to control custom settings for individual environments the unit can also measure and record daily noise levels over a period of up to three months.

Download the Jabra Noise Guide Datasheet

Promotional Details

Mix and match model options include:

1.       Jabra PRO 9450 Wireless Headset for Softphone and Desk Phone

2.      Jabra PRO 9450 Flex Wireless Headset for Softphone and Desk Phone

3.      Jabra PRO 9450 Duo Wireless Headset for Softphone and Desk Phone

4.      Jabra PRO 9460 Mono Wireless Headset with Touchscreen for Softphone and Desk Phone

5.      Jabra PRO 9460 Duo Wireless Headset with Touchscreen for Softphone and Desk Phone

6.      Jabra PRO 9465 Duo Wireless Headset with Touchscreen for Softphone, Mobile Phone and Desk Phone

7.      Jabra PRO 9470 Wireless Headset with Touchscreen for Softphone, Mobile Phone and Desk Phone

 * Minimum order quantity of 5 applies. While supplies last.

*The study, by the University of Sydney, was based on more than 40,000 worker surveys in 303 office buildings in the US, Finland, Australia and Canada.  Volume 36, December 2013, Pages 18–26

*Terms and conditions:

Offer valid from August 1, 2016 through September 31, 2016 and cannot be claimed in conjunction with any other Jabra or GBH Communications promotion. The offer is valid with the purchase of any PRO 9400 Series model (9450, 9460, 9465, 9470). Minimum order quantity of 5 applies, FREE busylight (MSRP $39.00 each) while supplies last.